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Tsugami M08SY – Special Package Price

The Tsugami M08SY Turning Center with Y-axis allows you to perform highly complex machining, such as turning, drilling, boring, cross-drilling and CNC milling. The main and subspindle are equipped with integral built-in spindle motors which minimize vibration and provide superior accel/decel for heavy duty cutting and fine finishing. The Y-axis enables off center CNC milling of complex parts, and incorporating the subspindle eliminates the need for secondary operations.

Tsugami M08SY Multi-Tasking Lathe Key Features:

  • Turning Center with Y-Axis and Subspindle
  • Built-in spindles minimize vibration and provide superior responsiveness
  • Small Footprint
  • Powerful milling capabilities
  • Live Tooling Capability on all positions
  • Fanuc 0i-TD Control
October 10th, 2017|Blog, Tsugami News|



We would like to thank everyone who attended the 12th Annual Open House at EMEC’s Mississauga location. Attendees were given the opportunity to see first hand each machine’s capabilities through live demonstrations and videos conducted by our Applications and Service technicians and the additional support of our machine builder teams. Attendees were given a chance to meet various EMEC vendors to discuss expectations and requirements and to learn more about the products and services being offered.

This year EMEC featured Okuma’s latest Cylindrical Grinder model GA26W with the [...]

Tsugami B0205 – Special Package Price

The B0205-III Swiss Type Lathe includes many high end features such as Tsugami’s gang type tool post, rigid cast iron frame and 10,000 rpm main and 12,000 rpm sub spindle speeds. This CNC automatic lathe offers 21 tool positions: 9 OD tools positions and 12 fixed tool positions (optional 2 rotary positions for rear) for flexible 5-axis machining.

Tsugami B0205 Opposed Gang Tool CNC Lathe Key Features:

  • Enhanced 5-axis Swiss Style Lathe at minimum investment cost
  • Increased Back Spindle Capability – Spindle plus 8 fixed and rotary tools for simultaneous machining
  • Rapid Traverse Rate of 32 m/min – shortens [...]
April 18th, 2017|Blog, Tsugami News|

Tsugami S205 – An Unbeatable Value

The Tsugami S205 CNC Lathe is CONVERTIBLE and may be run as a traditional sliding headstock Swiss Turn using the guide bushing or run without the guide bushing with the addition of an optional “chucker” kit. When run as a “chucker” the CNC lathe can use drawn bar stock instead of centerless ground stock, dramatically reducing remnant size and increasing shop flexibility.

Tsugami S205 Opposed Gang Tool CNC Lathe Key Features:

  • CAT 40 Big-Plus Dual Contact Spindle System
  • Modular Tool Zone uses cartridge-type live tools, up to 11 – 8,000 rpm tools
  • Direct Drive Rotary Guide Bushing provides high [...]
November 4th, 2016|Blog, Tsugami News|