Tsugami B0385-II

Tsugami BO385-II

The B0385 38mm 5-axis machine is designed to cut metal. Lots of it! Quickly and with legendary Tsugami accuracy.

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Tsugami B0326-II

Tsugami BO326-II

The Tsugami B0326-II easily and quickly converts from direct-drive guide bushing bar-fed operation to non- guide bushing operation when fitted with an optional chucker kit.

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New Thread Whirling Unit

Tsugami now has a solution to thread whirl bone screws with high helix angles. Some bone screws with multi-start threads require a thread whirling unit that has the capability to be set at an angle higher than 20 degrees.

Tsugami has developed a new thread whirling unit that can be set to angles as high as 30 degrees. Rem Sales LLC has recently produced screws with dual-start threads. This was done by utilizing the new thread whirling unit mounted on an SS20 platform. A 30 degree thread whirling unit is also available for the Tsugami BH20 platform.

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March 21st, 2014|Tsugami News|

PM Production Machining Magazine

Adding Swiss Machining to the Product Mix

Like many classic screw machine shops, Precision Metal Products Company has made a good living for its owners and employees for more than 65 years. Its stable of 14 1-inch Acmes and 26 Davenports up to 3/4 inch have been, and continue to be, the production backbone of this third generation shop. Mark Drooger, the company’s president, invited PM to visit his Holland, Mich., shop to see how the future is unfolding for this 30-person machine shop. The recent addition of CNC Swiss-type machining capability to the multispindle foundation has impacted the shop [...]

March 1st, 2012|Tsugami News|