In the past, we couldn’t react that quickly but now with the Okuma turning centers we are able to react a lot more quickly and get the customer the products that they need. We are winning new work because of the shortened lead times due to our vertical integrations,” says Pantano.

Installing the new turning centers has also opened up new opportunities for business for the company, adds Pantano. ‘The new turning centers have already helped with new business in the alternative energy market.’
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Marcel Pantano - Chief Executive Officer, Metro Tools

Quick response and professional service from EMEC have been the key of our continued relationship with them and the success of our company growth.
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Patrick Gaudette - President, Accuratech Machining

The people at EMEC know what we’re trying to accomplish and their support is geared to helping us reach our goals.
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John Wilson - Engineering Manager, John G. Wilson Machine Ltd.

We felt that we could rely on EMEC’s technical engineering staff to not only recommend a solution, but to help us along the learning curve for this new technology.
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Kevin Clay - General Manager, Perth Precision

Gorman-Rupp of Canada was in need of a machine tool company that could help us take our machining capabilities to the next level. We had purchased two Okuma lathes over 20 years ago and had been impressed with their quality. We partnered with EMEC whose sales, engineering and applications team helped us through the selection and implementation of two new pieces of equipment (LU400M and Multus B400).

The Multus was completely new and uncharted technology to us but EMEC’s application team provided support from the feasibility study through to full implementation at the factory, always on hand to resolve any issues. In an attempt to increase our capacity we were on a tight schedule for both these machine’s, in response to that need EMEC and Okuma were able to provide impressive delivery and installation dates. Throughout the last 3 years EMEC and Okuma have been professional, approachable and overall a pleasure to do business with. Thanks Guys…

Chris Chapman - Manufacturing Manager, Gorman-Rupp of Canada