“We are going to take the BarMill outside of its traditional aerospace environment. We will be turning our customers on to this technology so they can maintain their competitive edge”  – Bill Mara, President

EMEC Machine Tools, Bill Mara & Modig, Dave Modig

By Canadian Metalworking More than 150 manufacturers from across North America traveled to Irving, Texas, to see a demonstration of Modig’s new HHV BarMill. The three-day “Operation Game Changer” event was hosted by Hartwig Inc., one of the company’s U.S. distributors.

David Modig, president of Modig Machine Tool in Virserum, Sweden, said that this was the first Modig equipment demonstration in North America since 1947, but a full line of new equipment and the capabilities of the machine make it the right time.

“When we do presentations like these, everyone is surprised by the cycle time and raw material savings.
Without seeing an aluminum part, we promise a 40-60% faster cycle time and a
minimum of 20 % material savings.” says David Modig, President at Modig Machine Tools

In addition to aerospace, the milling machine is expected to be well-received by the automotive, agriculture, construction, defence, medical, transportation, and power generation industries, the company states.