“The purchase of the Modig Extrusion Mill was part of a strategy to become a one-stop shop for it’s aerospace customers”  – Sonaca Montreal


By Show Metalworking Technology Airplane wings are wondrous things. If you’ve ever flown through a thunderstorm, wondering how much flex those thin metal structures can endure, of experienced the gut wrenching terror of mid-flight wind shear, you’ve probably given mental thanks to the folks who manufacture them. One of these is Sonaca Montreal. A subsidiary of the Belgium-based Sonaca Group, a Tier 1 aerospace supplier with design, build and certification authority, Sonaca’s Montreal operation specializes in advanced forming of wing skins, and machining, assembly, and finishing of complex aerostructures. To remain successful in a fiercely competitive market, Sonaca took steps recently to become a one-stop shop for its customers.

For stringer work especially, the extrusion mill is far more efficient than our gantry machines.
With the Modig, raw material goes in one end of the machine, and finished parts come out the other.”
says Paul Stafiej, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Sonaca North America in Mirabel, QC
Sonaca purchased the machine directly from Modig, but shortly after purchase, Modig appointed EMEC Machine Tools as a distributor for Ontario & Quebec, so EMEC’s service manager, Marc Fortin, and sales representative Paul Telles, provided subsequent technical support and service.