Okuma Preventative Maintenance Program

With Okuma’s successful acquisition of Okuma Howa machine tools, EMEC now services both brands and would like to offer the same quality Preventative Maintenance programs to our Okuma Howa customers that our Okuma customers have successfully utilized in the past.

We offer a comprehensive multi-point inspection and a custom report with recommendations on how to keep your valuable assets productive and efficient for years to come. Many “down time” hours can be avoided by early detection of problems, and our Inspection helps to expose potential issues before they become critical; a benefit, both in extended production time and avoidance of premature machine component failure.

If you would like to know more about this service, please call the EMEC Service Dept. at 905 565 3570 ex 230 or email at service@emecmt.com.

Download the following PDF’s for your use: